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dni_library's Journal

D'ni Library
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Library to Ages of D'ni Roleplay

Several thousand years ago, an entire civilization traveled across universes in order to survive the destruction of their own world, Garternay. Through the text of the ancient Ages, the people escaped the home world known as Teraheen, and came upon a large cavern beneath the surface of the earth. There, the Great Zero of the world was implanted, and the new people rebuilt their home, and called it D’ni.

The people, taking upon the new name of their new kingdom rebuild, reconstruct, and find their place amongst the caverns of their underground paradise. Hundreds of kings come and go, temples are founded the guilds are created and come to fruition, age upon age is written, and generations upon generations recreate a fruitful existence.

Where is this that you stand?

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Name: Christine
E-mail: dni.moderators@gmail.com
AIM: rosetatsuaru