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D'ni Library


The Great Library


And so the Great Tree
Blossomed countless,
Infinite leaves
For the people to
Touch and explore
It's wonders.


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Er'cana is an Age whose primary purpose seems to be for harvesting food. The main engineer behind the construction of the machinery in the Age was Kadish, who used Er'cana to produce pellets that invigorate the luminescent algae of the D'ni cavern.

The age consists of a massive harvesting factory built in one of the ends of a huge canyon. The factory can be divided into four main parts: the railcars and harvester, which were designed to transport the prime material to the insides of the complex; the mill; the mixers and; the pellet factory. Each of these parts has its own mechanics, and since some of the walkways which connect most of the parts of the harvester to the other are damaged, one must find his way through the complex by alternative means. A control room is located between the mill and the mixers, and from there you can see and also control some parts of the complex. Upon reaching the pellet factory within the factory, the traveler also has the opportunity to admire some more of the Age's landscape: a lake and some snowy mountains in the background.

Additionally, the Age has connections with two other places: one of them is the Silo, a part of the D'ni cave in which the pellets are transported to be tested with regard to their quality; the other being a mysterious yellow Bahro cave which has some strange paintings on its walls and a central hole which enables the traveler to see another cave beneath it.

This age is a Caterers Guild Age only.
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