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D'ni Library


The Great Library


And so the Great Tree
Blossomed countless,
Infinite leaves
For the people to
Touch and explore
It's wonders.


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Minkata belongs to the Guild of Surveyors and their symbol can be seen all over. It’s used as an age for them to practice surveying on, since the constant dust storms would present quite a challenge. They place flags with D'ni numbers around the desert, indicating the distance from the central tower. Artifacts left behind in the kivas suggest that they were once used to store Surveyor equipment.

The age is quite large and consists of a desert ridden with large, flat rocks. Across the age, open holes with ladders lead down into several underground chambers. The chambers - sometimes referred to as "kivas," after similar chambers built by Pueblo Indians - are deep enough to stand in. Each chamber contains a large stone that links whoever touches it to Minkata's nighttime.

Minkata has three suns which never seem to move in relation to each other or the horizon, at least during the day. They are all approximately south (if north is the direction of the longest compass point).

Minkata's sky is very clear both at daytime and nighttime. This makes the stars and constellations an ideal tool to navigate Minkata at night.

The age's starting point is a round structure mainly built using large bones, and is usually referred to as the trampoline or the tower. On top of the structure is a compass with a direction every 18° or 3125 torantee. This compass is used when running in the directions specified by the Minkata journal in Ae'gura.

Inside the structure is a large stone like the ones in the holes. On it are bahro glyphs and the English sentence "Find your path in the stars." The Linking Symbol for the Fourth Journey appears incrementally inside as the explorer progresses.

This guild can only be accessed by the Guild of Surveyors.
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