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D'ni Library

Eder Tsogal

The Great Library


And so the Great Tree
Blossomed countless,
Infinite leaves
For the people to
Touch and explore
It's wonders.

Eder Tsogal

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The area of this Age available to explorers consists of a small grass-covered canyon surrounded on all sides by presumably a huge grassy plain with multicolored trees (orange, red, green and anything in between) scattered throughout. About a mile away there is a big forest surrounding the canyon and beyond that a mountain range can be discerned covering the horizon. The sky above the canyon contains no clouds and one enormous white sun, also floating up there is a small moon. The fact that no day-night cycle has so far been noticed in this Age and the huge sun in the sky mean the Age has to be cooled in some strange way for such a mild climate to exist.

The inside of the canyon is grassy and the canyon walls of a grey, smooth and layered type of rock, similar but not the same as in Eder Kemo. Spread around the canyon are four small ponds, one containing a Maintainer's mark and the larger of them containing a fountain. The lakes are probably fed by ground water since so far no rain or clouds have been seen on this age. The canyon floor is littered with smooth boulders much like the ones in Eder Kemo. In terms of structures, there's a D'ni-built terrace to one side of the cavern with a small stone path leading via stairs off it by some small platforms ending at the lake with the Maintainers' mark on the other end of the canyon.

Aside from the grass and all the pollen flying around, there are small shrubs and cattail plants surrounding the ponds in the canyon and small shrubs growing from the canyon wall. There is also a kind of moss growing over some of the stone surfaces of the D'ni structures. What can be seen of the landscape outside the canyon is that it is probably mostly covered in grass also and that trees cover the landscape, ranging in color from red to green, closer to the canyon scattered about, further away growing in forests. A strange feature of the grass is that is grows in hexagonal patterns. No explanation for this has been found so far.

No animals have been sighted in this age but when walking around in the grass one hears a constant noise of what sounds like grasshoppers, but this may also just be a rustling noise from the grass.

This age is in the Public Library.
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