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D'ni Library

Eder Delin

The Great Library


And so the Great Tree
Blossomed countless,
Infinite leaves
For the people to
Touch and explore
It's wonders.

Eder Delin

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Eder Delin is a garden age and has a naturally autumnal feel, though weather conditions can quickly change, leaving the age covered in a fine coating of snow.

The floor and walls of the small canyon accessible in this age consist of a rough grey type of rock. One of the more noticeable features of the landscape is the curious way in which the canyon walls are curved and shaped to form strange appendages and arches, similar to but seemingly more extreme than the walls of Eder Kemo. The Age seems to be situated in a dense forest of huge trees (the smaller of which can be seen standing in the canyon bearing red leaves, there seem to be much larger trees seeing as how the entire sky is filled with a cover of orange leaves) and smaller plant life. The sky on this age cannot be seen through the leaves and the strange orange-reddish fog in the air but there seems to be no day-night cycle visible as time passes. Not much else is known of the world outside the small valley other than that the forest seems to go on for quite a bit and that a lot of rocky spires are seen disappearing into the distant fog. Another strange phenomenon in this Age is the sudden change from an autumn-like climate to a snow-covered winter state that explorers experienced in the Age.

The flora consists mainly of perennials and ferns. The small valley where the explorer can walk is covered in some kind of ivy, and lots of other plants scattered about. The top of the canyon wall is mostly covered in brownish bushes.

No animals have been sighted in this age up to this moment. But in its autumnal phase one can hear the constant noise of various creatures, most prominently birds and crickets but also vague sounds of something like toads or frogs in the distance. In the snowy version of the Age one can hear two distinct new types of bird, one sounding like a goose and the other more like a crow.

This age is in the Public Library.
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