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D'ni Library

Jalak Dador

The Great Library


And so the Great Tree
Blossomed countless,
Infinite leaves
For the people to
Touch and explore
It's wonders.

Jalak Dador

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Jalak Dador is an Age is considered to be a sport age.

It consists of a platform in a jungle-like area. The platform is divided into a 5 by 5 grid of pillars each of which can be raised or lowered by explorers. Explorers can also create and destroy several objects via an interface on their KI. This KI interface also allows Explorers to raise and lower all the pillars to three different levels, turn on and off a force-field wall around the bottom of the platform, and randomize the elevations of the pillars.

Around the platform are four large spectator stands. When the D'ni came to watch a game, the people of lower classes would probably sit at the bottom of the stands, whereas the members of the highest class would sit at the very top, where they would have the best view of the gaming area. On top of each of the stands are two flags, representing two of the four corners of the playing field.

This age is in the Public Library.
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