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D'ni Library

Mahrn-tahn Dokro

The Great Library


And so the Great Tree
Blossomed countless,
Infinite leaves
For the people to
Touch and explore
It's wonders.

Mahrn-tahn Dokro

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Upon entering, it seems rather simple. Just a room of a building where the Linking Book is settled upon it’s Nara stand. A machine rests to the right of that held what seemed to be some sort of pure glass ball with two seats on the inside. The ball itself is balanced with all sorts of support, so that if the ball were to roll, the rider would not and would balance straight up. It sits on two types of round brass like tubes going into the opening, while a second opening connected to the same track, the exit from the travel

The door opens for the passenger, settling them in warm comfortable seats with belts to hold them down, mostly for the mindset of safety for new visitors. On the back of the seats were baskets for items, things that wouldn’t want to be thrown about during the travel. When everything is settled, a button sends a signal to tilt the tube, putting it at the correct angle so the ball would roll forward.

Down the first hill the ball rolls, the passengers inside balanced perfectly so that even the sway leaves little motion to be felt. It travels up and down through the cave, following bright cavern lights along the walls that keep it somewhat lit. Then suddenly the cave opens up, and the traveling orb goes down a corridor of color and motion. Different marbles of different colors spin around in circles about the cavern walls, traveling over and under, left and right, moving down the different pipes and rails that guide them along in a dance of colors.

As the orb draws on, light peaks the end of the long tunnel. With the push of a button the several strong magnets ignite from the bottom of the track, catching the motion of the orb, and slows down its momentum one magnet after another. This would slow it to a spot at the exit of the cave, where it overlooks an extending ocean. Passengers can leave the orb, and move towards the large dock, holding four fishing poles in it’s place ad a basket beside each to catch fresh fish. A notebook is left to the side of the dock, to mark and draw all fish caught. Even those that were not originally written. Several types of sea type birds fly overhead, sometimes even landing to visit the visitors, but these were never written either.

Continuing on the orb’s path another tunnel is set through the extensive mountain. A few climbs, a few drops, a turn left and a turn right. The orb continues to travel faster and faster, then begins to spin down a large spiral rail around a wall, circling around a tube of glowing green light. Finally the ball turns, but this time, the feeling is rather topsy-turvy as it moves to the next room. A new cave opens before the visitors, filled with stalactites and stalagmites cover the ceiling and floor. But the lake with it’s glowing plankton that dance in the water, is not below them, but above. The truth of the matter is that the momentum and magnetized railing helps to keep the ball up, but the gravity produce by the orb keeps the people inside feeling rather grounded. As it travels fully over, the ball hits a bend, moving down another wall and plunges into a tube that protrudes from the lake. With gravity back to normal visitors travel beneath the lake, watching the underwater environment around them: towering plants of seaweed, and floating plankton peaking around the plants or swimming through the water. Sometimes unwritten fish peak from hiding places, and eat away the glowing plankton, to keep the balance of life. Another tube opens them up to another cave, which soon rolls up, down, and up further again, to have them exit the cave.

The second destination is reached, and the travel ball stopped by magnetized breaks once more, leaving them in a forest within a large crater within this mountain like rage. The grass is plush, and the crater’s outsides is covered with large pine like trees, holding all sorts of birds and little forest living creatures. There are known to be predators amongst the mix, so travel into the forest without protection is sometimes considered dangerous. But the air is impeccably fresh, and the light so nice that even goggles are not needed to be in this outside world. The picnic area, it’s been called.

Returning to the orb, it continues on it’s path. The iron rails take it up again, passing through a bit of greenery where the trees branches have grown around the path of the orb. Up through the wall of rock, another tunnel is opened up for the travelers. It shifts around a few dark passage ways, losing sight of the light behind them and looking forward for the light of the new entrance. It soon becomes so dark that it is impossible to see anything at all within the caves, all natural light taken from them. Finally light appears around the next curve, growing brighter and brighter as they reach the end. By the time they reach it, visitors realize they are now on the peak of this island. From here it is easy to see every break where they had been: the ocean side all around them with the opening in the stone for the dock, the crater on one side of the island that holds the small forest. There is something else below, something large and golden, glowing bright in the sunlight. By the way the light reflects it seems to be moving, but too small below to tell exactly what.

As the travel orb descends it moves down the side of the ocean. Caught by another curve it begins to travel around the outside of the large rock like ocean, just skimming so close to the ocean’s waves. It never reaches to hit or shift the momentum of the orb, which takes another right turn into another cavern entrance. The next tunnel is rather small, the light fluttering through it still rather large, but the glow of gold is finally before them. It opens up to a new room, in which with the press of the button activates the breaks once more.

Stepping out, visitors find themselves outside once more, but inside all at once. It’s a momentum machine room of what appears to be pure gold, with small silver orbs and a few black ones shifting between the bars and the spins, the tubes and the rails, constantly in perfect momentum with only a little waterwheel keeping the entire structure going. It covers all four walls minus the entrance to the orb, and crosses above the ceiling. To follow it from beginning to end seems impossible, especially since it takes 14 hours for a ball to travel across every bit of it. Even though there is so much mechanics and action going on at once, it is a rather quiet place, minus the clicks of some wheels or the random tinks of balls settling into place. In the center of the room is a small chess board, the pieces set for two to play.

The orb from there returns to the place where it all once began, and settles back in front of the first entrance, waiting for it’s members to travel back around the Moving Creation.

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