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D'ni Library


The Great Library


And so the Great Tree
Blossomed countless,
Infinite leaves
For the people to
Touch and explore
It's wonders.


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Gahreesen is an Age that is used by the Guild of Maintainers, mainly for training purposes for an elite group of maintainers. It was also a high-security prison and a center for research and development, thought to be the volt of many of the prison ages.

The outside parts of Gahreesen are mostly inaccessible, though much of the stunning, beautiful nature is visible. Dangerous predators are said to live in the forests of Gahreesen, and their screams can sometimes be heard.

Rather uniquely, most if not all of Gahreesen's buildings rotate around their own axis, preventing links being written to anywhere else but a building's center, and have their doors equipped with strong security systems. Avoiding unwanted intruders was apparently a high priority, perhaps in an effort to keep the advanced knowledge and skills within the guild and to keep prisoners incarcerated. Above and behind the link-in spot is even a small window, sometimes referred to as the "sniper window", which may indeed have been used for the purpose of guarding the entrance.

The KI can be retrieved in this Age, and is required to unlock and open many of the buildings' doors.

As an additional security measure, a beetle known as the Ink Beetle that was native to the age was kept in the complex. They would devour any linking books in the complex.

This guild is meant only for Maintainers Guild members
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